Titanium Alloy Products
Titanium Alloy Products are made with metals that include a matter of titanium as well as other chemical elements. Rendered with high tensile strength and endurance, these are light in weight and have prodigious corrosion resistance.
Nickel Alloy Products

Nickel Alloy Products are made by using nickel base alloy. These are extensively demanded in chemical, electrical and engineering sectors. These are noted for their corrosion resistance, advanced tensile strength, smooth surface and optimal strength.

Tantalum Alloy Products

Tantalum Alloy Products are made with refractory metals, keeping their chemical as well as physical properties the identical at high temperatures. These are characterized by their advanced melting point as well as optimal tension resistance.

Molybdenum Alloy Products

Molybdenum Alloy Products are high in strength and can be highly comprehended in market for their crease-less surface finish. These can endure in the most inauspicious weather conditions.

Zirconium Alloy Products

Zirconium Alloy Products are the solid solutions of zirconium as well as some other metals. These are rendered with low absorption cross-section of thermal neutrons and have high hardness. Provided with increased ductility as well as corrosion resistance, these are applicable in nuclear technology.

Niobium Alloy Products
Niobium Alloy Products are the essential alloys employed for the industrial utilization of superconductors. These remain superconducting in high magnetic fields and are employed in the windings of almost all hospital MRI machines. These are simpler to make and are stronger at elevated temperatures.
Tungsten Alloy Products
Tungsten Alloy Products are apt for high density applications as well as for their utilization in radiation shielding. These are accessible with improved ductility as well as machinability. The products are made with alloys that are economically made by powder metallurgy methods and are routinely machined by conventional techniques.
Titanium Sheets
Titanium Sheets do not contain iron (ferrite) in considerable amounts. These are employed because of the desirable properties such as higher conductivity, low weight, non-magnetic property and resistance to corrosion.

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